Most Important.

As the mediator of all parties involved in a certain conflict, I am non-party, I am subject to secrecy, I am not a lawyer and not a judge. My task is to serve both conflicted parties the same. It does not matter who contacted me first!


My task is to guide the parties through a structured mediation. A sensible resolution to the conflict, which suits the interests of all parties involved in the conflict, should be the natural outcome of this process.


You, the conflicted parties, are the real experts of your conflict. The parties alone decide about its actual outcome. Instead of asking a judge to decide who is right, you decided to find a solution on your own responsibility. I’ll be happy to guide you through this process!

"Faith is the most important ingredient of every successful mediation!"

You are a vital part of the mediation process, not just an appllicant or witness. And you are voluntarily part of this process. No one forced you into, nobody could ever force you into the process. You don’t have to explain yourself. You don’t have to explain anything. It is you who takes the decisions on your hehalf. You are free to leave the mediation process anytime!


As your mediator, I will make sure that all parties involved stick to the rules. Among others, these rules are:

  • Dignity – all parties treat each other with respect,
  • Patience – all parties will finish their statments without any disturbance and
  • Confidentiality – all information provided by the parties will not be shared with others.