There is no silver bullet - but usually a mediation process is devided into five to eight steps, depending on the individual circumstances. Careful preparation by the mediator marks the first step in this line which will then end, at the last step, in a written arrangement.


Every mediation follows a structred path. Combining this particular structure with a certain degree of flexibility in terms of the parties‘ needs is what differentiates mediation from many other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) approaches.


As a mediator, I consider my task to follow the parties‘ needs while helping them to find a proper solution for their conflict. The conflict parties are, and this core to my approach, the real experts at their conflict. They alone are able to find a solution. I’ll help you on this path.

"There are only three things in life which are certain: Death, taxes and conflict!"

I consider the question of how to find the „right“ mediator to be essential. But how do you find them? My answer: You should trust your gut! Ask for a free first meeting with your potential mediator and form your own view on their approach, the mediators integrity and fairness.


As your mediator in Hamburg, I offer you that first meeting. Free of charge! So why not make an appointment? I look forward to receiving your e-mail!